Monday, 28 December 2009

Greetings from Oz

These are the slippers that I made for my daughter for Xmas - as yet she hasn't got them as she was stuck in Cumbria due to the snow & ice which everyone back home is suffering from! & so didn't make it over to her Auntie & Uncle's in York for the family Boxing Day celebrations. The slippers are knitted using a pattern and wool from the Wool Shop in Armley Leeds. The pattern says garter stitch but after seeing Maddys slippers made using moss stitch which looked really funky I chose to do them in moss stitch too.

These are the slippers that I made once I got to Oz - my Mums pressie and as I couldn't be sneaky I just knitted them & was rather 'vague' about who they were for! *giggle* She has been wearing them despite it being summer here as it gets down to a 'chilly' 13 degrees at night! LOL It is lovely to see the sunshine & have a bit of warmth it's been averaging a comfortable 25/26 degree's but went up to about 36 degrees one day :-)

I then made the small pair for the smallest member of the family at the Xmas Day celebrations - see how cute they are! They had to remain plain as I ran out of wool & didn't have my craft room to delve into for embellishments but they looked really cute anyway.