Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bigger Craft Project!

This is what has been keeping me busy :-)

From the bolts of material & lining to the Roman blinds that I've just finished for the living room. It has been quite a large project!

So now back to either carrying on & making blinds for the dining room or other crafting projects .................................. decisions, decisions!


H said...

WOW Rachel, great job you have done there.
I would get the other ones made then you can forget them.
When you have finished and you are missing making them you could always come over and show me how to make them :):):):)

Calv said...

Very impressive Rach! :)

I'll stick to taking up curtains i think, i couldn't reach that high anyway!

maddy hill said...

wow they are fabulous Rach !!!! really fab!

( i know where to come now for mine !)

no wonder you have been quiet !

Sarah said...

Wow, they are great!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the compliments - I did the same in our bedroom but there is an extra window in the lounge (on the side wall) as well as the huge bay window!

The main problem is the size of the windows - they are 7 feet tall!! That is a lot of material to wrestle with :-) Main material & lining as well & with Roman blinds you have to be quite precise with the measuring!

Hazel said...

Wow! That is a big craft project - well done! x

Ellen said...

how clever you are , a jack of all trades.
I think I would finish them in other rooms whilst the going is good.( says she who cannot sew a straight seam)

LJ said...


You did a wonderful job, I love Roman shades. Were they hard to make or was it just the space needed for the large project the hardest part?

Jane Waterman

Rachel said...

I've done all sorts of crafts over the years Ellen - spinning/weaving feltmaking lacemaking patchwork quilting handmade paper etc etc............

Jane they aren't difficult to make really it's mainly dealing with the great swathes of fabrics :-) I lined these so there was double fabric to deal with!

Still haven't started the ones for the Dining Room as I've been away for 4 days!