Sunday, 4 October 2009

Crafter on holiday!

Yes folks my craft trolley went on holiday to Cornwall with me :-) I had to be quite creative as I didn't have a lot of crafting goodies with me but managed to play happily :-) I had one craft & pamper day when hubby went off bike riding for the day, other days we went out sightseeing together. The accommodation has a jacuzzi bath which I had to make good use of .................................. & I set up on one of the two sofa's to craft, as you can see I made myself at home :-)


Ruth (ooffee) said...

LOL! Good for you! It's great to have a transportable hobby, isn't it?! xx

Rachel said...

It is Ruth :-) It was so nice to be able to do some crafting again :-)


SP said...

oh bliss, how envious am I?!