Monday, 17 May 2010

My Nesties Storage book

My Knight in Shining Armour.........
Helped me go from the above


My Nesties storage book.
My Knight in Shining Armour is Calv who when he heard of my problem - solved it for me :-) 
I had finally got round to making my Nestibilities storage book & had covered the front & back covers then tried to use my Bind it All. I have an original blue Bind it All & had used official Zutter covers which I assumed (wrongly) would fit into my Bind it All. So I had my covers all ready for their binding but DISASTER!!
The covers wouldn't fit into the Bind it All!!!

After asking fellow crafters I found out that I wasn't alone with the problem & that was why Zutter had brought out the new Pink version of the Bind it All which addressed the problem. Not very helpful for those of us with the original!
So Calv came to the rescue & lent me his Pink (which is now white story here) Bind it All 

I used the Zutter pages in black & then cut

Magnetic photo paper for the interleaves to 'stick' the nestibility dies onto.
I used some brown paper along three sides which overlap the pages as extra insurance when carrying my book around - I'd hate to lose any of my Nesties!!

This shows the book closed.

I used the Zutter Perfect Closure fastener. It has a real leather strap which I left plain but could have coloured.

I embellished the binding with beads ribbons & bits (you may recognise the keys from an earlier post :-)

The buttons were special, sent by a fellow crafter friend & the nail heads are one of my lastest purchases. The letters were cut on my Big Shot, it's the Go Slim alphabet & mounted on matts cut using of course my Nesties :-)

So I can now carry around my Nesties in a nice compact form instead of all the plastic packaging - I'm sure you agree that it looks prettier :-)


Kath said...

Rachel, that is absolutely gorgeous. How clever. I store mine in a zipped CD case which is practical but not nearly so pretty.

Kathy said...

Oh it looks great and what a good idea. I wonder if I could do something like this to solve my nestie storage problem too

cardesque said...

that looks fantastic - what a great idea, one day I will get around to making some kind of storage for mine.

Rachel said...

Thanks ladies :-) Still makes me smile when I look at it :-)

Masked Marauder said...

I just LOVE your nesties book and will be making my own similar one post haste. I was wondering though, would you be willing to make a step by step tutorial including a list of items needed and sizes of pages and stuff. I'd like to feature it on my overly neglected blog. This is by far the most INCREDIBLE nesties storage I've ever seen.


Loulabelle said...

Looks great and is wonderfully embellished.