Thursday, 2 December 2010

Keeping Warm

This was my high/low thermometer in the greenhouse at about 1pm today.

and a picture of the garden at the same time .....
As you may know we are having an early cold snap in the UK!
Pretty isn't it?

Hubby has been feeling a bit 'fragile' & feeling the cold so yesterday out came my Grandmothers trusty Jones hand sewing machine that I inherited & I whipped up this heat bag for him.
He's been using one of the 'normal' ones but complained that he needed a 'hands free' version
So I set to work & came up with this ........

I managed to prise it away from him to photograph! :-)
Keeping the 'core' warm really helps :-)

I've made it adjustable so that it can be worn by lot's of different sized people.

Close up of the fastening

Hope everyone is keeping warm & safe ..........


Sid said...

Very practical and warming idea !!

Rachelxx said...

Thanks Sid - think I will make a few of these :-)

Hazel said...

Very clever make, Rachel. Thanks for linking to my new candy on my Christmas challenge blog x