Monday, 24 October 2011

A Huge Thank You

to my wonderful blogging friends for not giving up on me with no blog posts for so long. 

Unfortunately life got in the way in the form of dodgy health problems, the building work we are doing atm is causing chaos, the good news is that we actually have the heating back up & running finally!!, the house is such a mess everywhere & I couldn't get near my craft room (it's not much better now but I've beaten a path to my work desk after the withdrawl symptoms kicked in majorly!!) family members health problems, my poor puss cat is really poorly ............................ the list goes on & on 

but we did get a weeks holiday in Cornwall at the time of the beautiful weather :-)
Followers of my blog will know that I usually take some crafting bits & craft & blog whilst on holiday but this year it just didn't work out ......

So a Huge Thank You to you all for hanging in there


Claire said...

Great to hear from you Rachel and so sorry to hear that you have had loads of issues, hopefully things will start to look up and improve very soon and we look forward to seeing you back here soon with some creations. Hugs, Claire x

Rachelxx said...

Thanks Claire :-)