Sunday, 2 November 2008

Vintage Romantic Scrapbook page

This is my 8x8 scrapbook page that we did at Sticky Fixers Craft Club on Thursday - a vintage romantic look. It was Maddy's lesson & we were taught various techniques of tearing & inking & stamping & highlighting. Some of the ladies were a bit reticent about the 'aging' techniques to start but by the end of the lesson seemed to be well into it & tearing & inking with abandon! The results were lovely :-)

We all started off on the same track but then were free to finish off & adorn in our own way. I've allowed the photo to be able to be pulled out as there is my Nan's handwriting on the back that I wanted to be able to access. I just made sure that when sticking things down I didn't stick on top of the photo. The blue swirl on the left was in fact a peacock but I cut off the head & feet when I cut it out & it became a swirl which was highlighted in white gel pen. Loved the idea of adding the heart charm through a tear & mounting it on a thinner piece of lace.
I kept the journaling very simple & did it in handwriting with a fountain pen.
Val's page is on her blog here
Now I want to find time to do a 12x12 page on the same lines .................... :-) I have quite a few old family photo's that would look lovely :-)


maddy hill said...

gorgeous Rach ! good idea about keeping the pic accessable !
if you double click the picture you can see all the layers much better !

Rachel said...

Thanks Maddy - I loved doing this one :-)

SP said...

Stunning! Love all the layers, textures and distressing, marvellous! Well done! xx Susan

Rachel said...

Thank you Susan - you would have really enjoyed this :-)

Calv said...

That looks gorgeous Rach, really effective. Well done.

Rachel said...

Thanks Calvin - went out & bought some lovely papers & lace etc today so that I can do a 12x12 layout - was looking at old family photo's today........ Am going to have fun!