Sunday, 17 October 2010

Revealed The Art Work!

Look back at the pieces of felt I made in the last post .....

This is the resulting art work!

I added some knots on the trunk & veins on the leaves using thread 
Going back to my roots now!!

I used different coloured threads for the veins to give depth

and just attached them to give movement


Calv said...

That looks fantastic Rachel!

I love the leaves, gorgeous autumn colours. Thanks again for the other night, i really enjoyed the class and learnt something new.

Cheers. :)

maddy hill said...

gorgeous Rach , stunning colours !

Rachel said...

Thanks :-)

You are welcome Calv :-) It was fun :-) what did the girlies think?

Kath said...

Wow Rachel.That is fabulous. I am most impressed. The colours are glorious.
Kath x