Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I've recieved an award! Awarded by my friend Maddy for being a helpful blogger & taking her places to get her crafty stuff - a difficult job ;-)

What a lovely idea for an award - choose someone who either has inspired you or physically helped you to craft - Claire at artyfartymacks designed the award - What a lovely idea Claire! The idea is to pass it on to 2 or 3 people

So I pass it firstly to Calv - he inspires me with his lovely work & his humour & like a lot of his followers I wait with bated breath for Thursday - fruit inking day! wondering what wonderful creation he will come up with next :-) I also admire his honesty - we know all about his 'mishaps'!! Sometimes like all of us he has 'happy accidents' Thanks Calv.

Next I'd like to award Dyan from Art to the Heart in Harrogate. I love the goodies she sells & her designs & the fact that she was so friendly, enthusiastic & encouraging when we visited her both at the Harrogate fair & then at her wonderful Aladdins cave of a shop :-) Can't wait for a return visit (but my bank manager will hope I don't visit too often!!)

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