Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Kick Start!

Well I've been kick started to finish a layout that I started a while ago - well I'd got some bit's & pieces together but not done much else! So this morning I saw the challenge on DewDropCraftz blog 'Items from Nature' & got to work!
We tend to go to the beach more in the winter months & I love beachcombing :-) I was on my own & how do you take a photo of yourself on your own? Yes I pointed the camera downwards & took a photo of my feet :-)
The stripey paper reminded me of deckchairs & I used pebbles & shells collected from the beach in the layout as well.
The shell motif's at the top & bottom are a stencil which I outlined for definition. Not the most conventional layout perhaps but I enjoyed doing it & it brings back happy memories for me :-)


maddy hill said...

fab l/o rach - yep the stripey paper is just like a deck chair and it goes just perfect for the page xxx

hope your feeling better today x

Calv said...

Great L/O Rach, great feet too! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks guys :-)

SP said...

Lurrrrrve the one of your feet! How inspirational! Particularly when matched with the stripy paper ;-)

I too love the beach during the less populated season, ie no disposable nappies lying around and other unmentionables! (and they moan about dogs doing what comes naturally......!)