Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Something slightly different today

Well today I've had fun using alcohol inks, dominoes, beads & bits to make brooches. These are dinky small dominoes that I found in a charity shop :-)

The back of the domino.

This is another, slightly different, just a stamp on the alcohol inked background.


maddy hill said...

gorgeous rachel , i love love the funky ones - just ace !

Rachel said...

Thanks Maddy - Did one with my initial - I can keep it that way! *giggle*

Calv said...

Rachel they are ace, very "arty".

Theres a big stall in the Merrion Centre in town that does wooden boxes of dominoes for about £2, i got a couple of boxes last time i was up.

Great job Rach. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Calvin - will have to go look on our shopping expedition tomorrow :-)

SP said...

Gorgeous, Rachel, lovely work!
xx s