Wednesday, 5 January 2011

90th birthday card

It's my Auntie's 90th birthday today!
We are going to the tea party to celebrate the occasion this afternoon and this is the card I've made for her.

I covered the numbers with paper & inked the edges for definition.

I added the flowers & the leaves. the leaves are punched & the ivy leaves inked over the white card to show the embossed veins.

The opposite corner has the ribbon bow, pearl strands & the hat pin which I added coordinating beads to.


Calv said...

Love the card Rach...hat pin looks good on it doesn't it?

Sorry i've not been around the blogs much, i'm always rubbish like that. I will try harder this year though. :)

Take care and Happy New Year to you and hubby. :)

oblibby said...

Gorgeous card, Rachel.

Loving the hat pin - I have a real hat love so far this year - I think I may have to make and wear some :D

Lisa xoxo

Effie said...

That's a lovely card!

Rachelxx said...

Thanks folks :-)

Love the hat pins, they come plain so you can choose your own way of decorating - I cut this one down as it was too long for where I wanted it :-)

Karen@CCC said...

Beautiful card Rachel!! Bet your auntie was over the moon to receive it. Fab work! xxx

Rachelxx said...

Thanks Karen - she loved it & her other handmade cards - 5 in total I believe :-) including 2 made by children :-)

Sid said...

Fab card, love the covered numerals !