Monday, 31 January 2011

Following the theme ..................

Following the theme of the evening these were the place names that I made.
I used my Martha Stewart edge punch for the bottom & cut out the mortar board from black bazil card using a freehand template that I made.

The guests all had this format & the Guest of Honour had a larger name plate & her mortar board cut out in grey bazil card as her gown was grey.

As you can see it took a fair bit of time as there were a few to make!
I couldn't blog as I was doing the elements of the party as this would have given the game away & the theme that we were honouring MIL with was a surprise :-)

So I have been doing more crafting than my blog shows recently!

I also made the table decorations

Theses were made using my beautiful art deco cups & saucers using artificial flowers & were designed so that whichever position on the table you were sat at you go a pretty view :-)

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