Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Push Pull Card Tutorial

I've had a few requests for the instructions for this Push/Pull card.
So here you go

You will need :-
In addition to your usual basic craft kit
1 1/2 sheets of A4 size card
An A5 size card for matting
piece of plastic bag (I used a bit of a cello bag)

1) Take an A4 sheet of card portrait. Measure 13cms & cut.

2) Take the large piece & turn landscape & score (from left to right) at 2.5cms, 12cms, 21.5cms to give folds of 2.5 cms, 9.5cms, 9.5cms & 8cms.

3) Make 2 notches in the right hand side top & bottom by measuring 3cms from the bottom & 3cms from the last fold & 1cm deep, cut out notch.

4) Using a small circle punch cut a half circle in the middle of the first left hand side 9 cm portion.

5) Cut a strip of plastic bag (I used a cello bag) to fit between the notches & overlap slightly.

6) Secure between the notches so that it is snug but movable. I used double sided tape to secure.

7) Using the strip that was left at stage 1 place landscape & measure & cut at 11cm & 22cm.

8) Using the A5 piece of card matt onto the pieces of card as shown & stamp your image/sentiment.

9) Place the image so that it will be face down & secure onto the plastic with a glue dot or small piece of DS tape on the left hand side.

10) Fold up the bottom portion & secure image with another glue dot on the right hand side image face up.

11) Check that the mechanism works by pulling the images.

12) Fold up & secure with glue or DS tape.

13) Your project should look like this :-

14) Take the last 1/2 of card & fold in half

15) Attatch the mechanism part of the card to the folded card.

16) Add the ribbon with a brad to the pull out side underneath the half circle to give something to pull. Then embellish the card.

Hope you enjoy the project - it has lots of possibilities :-) ..........................................


Lynne said...

Great tutorial, will have to give it a go.
Thanks for sharing Rach.
Hugs Lynne xx

Rachel said...

You are welcome Lynne :-)

maddy hill said...

great tutorial rach ! very clear instructions and piccys .

love the card
love maddy x

MiMi said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I really love that push pull card. Its quite so unique.Where do you think I can buy a high quality A4 card?